Saturday, March 15, 2014

Letter to LBI Home Owners 2014 Season

Dear Homeowner,
It is hard to believe that another Summer season is now behind us. This year was challenging and we are
thankful for the 2013 season that we did have. Your efforts in working with us to make it happen are
appreciated. We are looking forward to 2014.
A few things to keep in mind while filling out your 2014 Rental Authorization
· Lately, tenants have told us that internet access is of utmost importance to them while on vacation. It is
no longer a “would like to have”, it is a “must have” amenity. We highly recommend that you provide
internet service in 2014. Also, it is equally important to post precise directions for use, including user
name & password, and, if necessary, system name. Please make these instructions permanent and in plain
view so each tenant has access.
· Air Conditioning is another “must have”, especially after the last 2 summers. If you don’t have it, please
consider adding units. It can only help in renting your property.
· If you know there are specific weeks that you, your family or friends will be using, mark any of those
weeks as not available. It compromises the integrity of the data when we show a time period to be
available, only to find out it is occupied and we were not notified. It is also very disappointing, both for a
prospective tenant and for our agents, who are working hard to rent your property. Also, during the
course of the rental season, always call in your owner rentals as soon as they are booked.
· Beach Badges? It continues to be our recommendation that you DO NOT provide Beach Badges. All too
often, tenants will mistakenly leave them on a swimsuit and take them home. Here is what we suggest if
you want to provide badges: offer the badges as a convenience to the tenants and not a guarantee. Please
designate a place for tenants to leave the badges on check-out.
· We are now offering trip insurance to tenants. Please refer to for more info.
It is IMPORTANT and ADVANTAGEOUS that you return your 2014 Rental Authorization promptly
· The sooner we have your authorization, the sooner we can process it, send out leases, and take deposits.
Thus, the quicker we can send checks to you!
· Your property will be searchable on the internet via our website, plus our numerous
other mirror sites.
· Last year we started to create Virtual Tours of our rental properties and it is our intention to continue
this service. Taking photos in the late Summer and early Fall weather enhances the quality of the tour. By
the way, if you are interested in having your tour posted sooner, you can take the photos and e-mail them
to us and we will create the tour. We welcome your help.
So here it is, your 2014 Rental Authorization. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for doing business with us,
The Staff at Mary Allen Realty, Inc.

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